“A writer’s pride is a full notebook and an empty pen.”

(via orlansky)

Life so far.

It’s been like what, three, four months? since we lost our internet connection and I’m stuck at home reading (rereading) books, while listening to music all day long OR watching (re-watching) movies and crappy TV shows OR writing poetry OR watching good/awesome TV series (such as Gossip Girl, White Collar and Game of Thrones).

And how am I doing so far?


I always thought not being able to go to school is awesome and I’ll have like a completely worry-free life and be completely happy everyday but seriously, it sucks. A LOT. Like A LOT, A LOT.

I can’t be a bum forever. I need something to do. I need to go places. I want to talk to people. Damn it I miss my old life. *creys*

I’ll need to endure this for a few more months though. *long sigh with creys*

I don’t mind being on your mind
when it’s 3 am and
you feel a little lost
and need to know you’re not alone

I just hope that when the sun wakes up
and your drunkenness wears off
that I will still be the one you want to talk to
without holding back

sadly, I have realized
I am not worth your sober daylight
so I have decided that you
are not worth any of my time

mkp (via frails)

“Just as you start to realize it’s time to move on, you start to confuse fate with coincidence. Because a week after you swear you won’t contact him anymore, your phone vibrates and his name flashes on your screen. You think to yourself it’s the universe’s sign telling you not to give up. “This is it. He’s finally coming around,” as you smile to yourself like an idiot for an hour because he finally sent a “Hey, what’s up?” The daydreams begin again. You try to predict how many Facebook likes your changed relationship status is going to get. You’re delusional and I don’t blame you — it’s the same, vicious cycle.”


Damn yes.